The Private Gym Pelvic Fitness Program For Men really works. Watch what other men have to say about the Private Gym program.


Professional Mixed Martial Arts Coach and Trainer Tedd Shelton, Age 40

I thought seriously, a workout for my penis?

The program is very well designed and teaches you everything you need to know.

Harder erections, longer erections, super recovery time.

Trust me, it works.

Professional Boxing Coach and Trainer Randolph Kennedy, Age 44

When I first got it, I thought, this is going to be fun.

It starts off easy, and gets harder each week.

Then I added the weight – it's light – but oh boy did it made a difference.

I’m now able to control my Manhood.

My partner definitely noticed a difference!

Clinical Trial Participant #1 - Jeff, Age 60

You do need this device … you do need this DVD.

When I added the weight to the program, it was a huge difference.

The erections were firmer, harder … they last longer.

The enjoyment was infinitely better.

I’m testament that it does work.

Clinical Trial Participant #2 - Drew, Age 24

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was very simple.

It was very scientific.

The DVD is great.

Program itself was really simple to follow.

I could intentionally give myself an erection after a couple of weeks.

Clinical Trial Participant #3 - Maceo, Age 50

I first starting noticing results after about a week or so.

You’ll get a firmer erection.

You’ll get more sexual pleasure.

Your partner will get more sexual pleasure.

Clinical Trial Participant #4 - Scott, Age 49

Before the program I would describe my sexual performance as not very good.

My partner noticed a difference immediately.

It's helped my life dramatically.

It improved my confidence.

It really does work.

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