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Private Gym offers 2 Pelvic Health Training Programs for men

The Basic Training Program is great for men just beginning to work on their strength. The Complete Training Program goes a step further and adds FDA registered exercise equipment to add resistance training.

Private Gym Basic Training Program

This 4-week program builds pelvic muscle strength through expertly designed male Kegel exercises. Suitable for men of all fitness levels, this program is ideal for men who cannot attain a rigid erection.

Private Gym Complete Training Program

Accelerate pelvic muscle growth with resistance training. This 8-week program includes Basic Training plus 4 weeks of weight training with our FDA registered, patented, resistance penis ring.

Which program is right for me

Feature/Benefit Basic
Expertly designed follow-along training program to build initial pelvic muscle strength
Interactive DVD and Resource Guide
Free online access to the training videos
Choice of a male or female trainer to guide you through the routine
FDA Registered resistance penis ring and magnetic weight  
Exercises require a rigid erection with or without medication  
Expertly designed follow-along resistance training program for maximizing muscle growth  
Convenient and discreet carrying case  
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How does it work

How does it work
Click video to see how The Private Gym works

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How Does it work?

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