Chevy Chase, Maryland – July 15, 2014 – The Private Gym, LLC announced today the release of its groundbreaking, innovative fitness program, Private Gym, the first FDA registered exercise program that strengthens the pelvic muscles. Using the Private Gym program, in less than 10 minutes a day, three days a week, men can strengthen the muscles that support and control the penis. Pelvic muscle training results in more rigid erections, reduction of premature ejaculation and heightening of orgasms, as well as support of prostate health and improvement of urinary control. Aside from boosting sexual performance, achieving fit pelvic muscles can help prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction.

The science behind Private Gym is simple and well established: workout a muscle and it gets stronger. Private Gym is an exercise program that provides expertly-designed training routines with resistance equipment. Private Gym’s Complete Training Program begins with “Basic Training,” a four-week interactive DVD exercise program that teaches men how to strengthen their pelvic muscles with “Kegel exercises” for men. These are the same well-known exercises performed by millions of women to increase pelvic tone, particularly after childbirth.

Once Basic Training is complete, the program adds another four weeks of “Resistance Training.” Private Gym’s patented resistance equipment utilizes a revolutionary design and incorporates silicone-covered magnetic weights to provide consistent, precise and measurable results. The equipment fits comfortably around the erect penis and is lifted up and down. This movement places resistance on the pelvic muscles, resulting in maximum pelvic muscle growth and strength.

“We exercise all parts of our body, but completely neglect the muscles that control our sexual function,” said Dr. Andrew Siegel, cofounder of Private Gym and renowned urologist, surgeon, professor and author of Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health. “With Private Gym, men can now safely and naturally strengthen one of their most important muscle systems.”

As men approach age 30, the pelvic muscles that support erectile function begin to weaken. According to the Journal of Urology, by age 40, more than 50 percent of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction. This number increases to 66 percent as men near 60 years of age. Premature ejaculation is even more prevalent than erectile dysfunction and can be contributed to by a weakening of the pelvic muscles, as reported in The Journal of Urology. By strengthening these muscles, men can experience harder and longer-lasting erections and improvement of premature ejaculation.

Private Gym was developed in conjunction with Dr. Andrew Siegel after he witnessed his patients improving their erectile function with pelvic muscle exercises. He saw a need for a comprehensive program to teach men how to perform pelvic muscle exercises. To develop Private Gym, he assembled a team of the world’s top urologists, physiotherapists and sexual health educators, including Professor Grace Dorey, a leading expert on pelvic floor physiotherapy and author of numerous studies. Dorey conducted the most significant study of its kind: Pelvic Floor Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction, published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2005, which found that 76 percent of men improved their erectile function with pelvic muscle exercise.

“For years women have known about the importance of Kegel exercises,” said Professor Dorey. “For the first time, men have an innovative solution that enables them to safely and naturally strengthen their pelvic muscles.” Private Gym Complete Training Program is $99 and comes complete with an interactive, follow-along eight-week exercise program on DVD, step-by-step instructional guide, FDA registered resistance training equipment, magnetic weight, and carrying case.