Ease and prevent saddle sports trauma

Saddle Sport Trauma

Saddle sports including bicycling, motorcycle riding, moped riding, and horseback riding all put pressure on the perineum (that valuable area of human real estate between the scrotum and the anus), where the blood and nerve supply of the penis and the pelvic floor muscles “reside.”

How the Private Gym program can help

Erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of chronic pressure from prolonged time spent in the saddle. The Private Gym’s pelvic muscle exercise program helps increase blood flow to the penis and can increase the tone, strength, power, and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles to help ease compression trauma to the perineum, as well as help prevent it.

Kegel exercises for men

Dr. Arnold Kegel popularized pelvic floor muscle exercises in order to improve female sexual and urinary health after childbirth; his legacy lives on with the exercises that bear his name—Kegel exercises. Men have essentially the same pelvic floor muscles that women do and an equivalent capacity for exercising them, with parallel benefits to urinary and sexual health.

Benefits for bicyclists

Cyclists can tap into their pelvic floor muscles to pump some “life” back into their compromised genitals after a long ride. Similar to using a bike pump to inflate tires so that they are well pressurized, with each contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, blood pumps into the genital tissues to help “resuscitate” them.

Aside from committing to the follow-along exercise regimen, it is important to apply the improved pelvic muscle facility to the problem at hand. Actively squeeze the pelvic floor muscles by using the Private Gym “basic flex” technique before, during and after cycling to help ease the compression trauma. Most cyclists will periodically take a break from sitting in the saddle by standing up and this provides a perfect opportunity to take the pressure off the perineum and to do a few basic flexes to restore genital blood flow.

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