Health Benefits of the Private Gym Exercise Program

Pelvic Muscle Exercise is good for men too

Doctors routinely recommend Kegel exercises for women, and now medical research proves Kegel pelvic exercises have just as many health benefits for men. Learn more about the medical research.

Health Benefits of Strong Pelvic Muscles

The male pelvic muscles support the male reproductive system, bladder and rectum. Watch the video and learn more about the male pelvic muscle system.

Treats These Common Men's Health Issues

  • Improves Sexual Performance & Pleasure

    Just as fitness training enhances athletic performance and endurance, pelvic muscle conditioning improves sexual performance and endurance.

  • Reverses & Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

    More than 20% of men under 40 years old and 50% of men over 40 years old experience some form of erectile dysfunction.

  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation

    A week pelvic floor can contribute to premature ejaculation, the most common male sexual disorder.

  • Promotes Urinary Health

    Post-void dribbling, urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder can affect your lifestyle and confidence.

  • Beneficial for Prostate Health

    Pelvic muscle exercises can increase pelvic blood flow, which is beneficial for prostate health.

  • Helps Increase Bowel Control

    Strong pelvic muscles can improve the tightness of the sphincter muscles to alleviate bowel urgency and leakage.

  • Treats Painful Tension Myalgia

    The Private Gym Program can help relax the spastic muscles by focusing on the meditative, contracting and relaxing muscle phases.

  • Eases and Prevents Saddle Sports Trauma

    Our pelvic muscle exercise program can ease and prevent compression trauma to the perineum.

The pelvic muscle system

Watch More Videos about the Private Gym Training Program.

Private Gym Overview

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