The Private Gym Program for Men just completed its preliminary four-month clinical trial with remarkable results. Study participants, across all age groups, showed improved erectile strength and rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control and force, as well as greater confidence in sexual performance.


  • 75% improved erectile rigidity and strength (25% greatly improved)
  • 90% experienced heightened orgasm intensity
  • 40% improved ejaculatory control (25% greatly improved)
  • 75% improved ejaculatory force (12% greatly improved)
  • 90% improved confidence in the bedroom/sexual performance (50% greatly improved)
  • 60% experienced increased sexual pleasure (38% greatly improved)


The study also produced several new findings. While it is well recognized that resistance training strengthens skeletal muscles, the study demonstrated that weighted resistance training also accelerates pelvic muscle growth and strength. The most significant improvements in erectile rigidity, ejaculatory control, and orgasm intensity occurred after the introduction of the Private Gym’s patented resistance device into the training regimen.


For the first time, pelvic floor muscle training has been shown to improve erectile function in men without any symptoms of erectile dysfunction, supporting the conclusion that the Private Gym program improves sexual performance in healthy men.

Subjective measures indicated that study participants experienced improvement in sexual confidence and ability to please their partner. This finding further supports prior research regarding the positive impact of exercise on the human psyche and extends it to sexual performance.


The trial was conducted by The Erectile Dysfunction Foundation and overseen by: Paul Nelson, Clinical Sexuality Educator and Clinical Medical Assistant, Mt. Sinai Men’s Health Center, New York. “Women typically get all the sexual therapy and none of the drugs, while men receive all the drugs but almost none of the therapy,” said Paul. “This program combines solid medical intervention as well as heightens men’s sexual awareness and connection to their bodies.”

Dr. Grace Dorey, a leading expert on pelvic floor physiotherapy and author of numerous studies including the most significant study of its kind: Pelvic Floor Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction, published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2005.“This preliminary study proves that when men couple pelvic floor exercise with weighted resistance they experience improvement in sexual performance,” said Dr. Dorey.


The randomized study comprised of 30 men aged from 24 to 65-years-old. Participants ranged from completely healthy men with no sexual dysfunction symptoms to those who reported mild erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and decreased sexual performance. Participants in the study completed the Private Gym’s Complete Training Program.


Objective and subjective metrics were obtained before starting the program and after each week of the program. Objective metrics included assessment of the strength of the pelvic muscles via anal manometry measuring 1-second, 3-second, and 10-second contractions, with recording of average and peak contraction magnitude. Additional objective metrics involved the use of a goniometer to measure the penile-pubic angle at full erectile rigidity both with and without a maximum pelvic muscle contraction and the duration of hold of the erection with maximal pelvic muscle contraction. Subjective measures included an extensive multiple-choice questionnaire as well as written commentary and interviews. A control group underwent the same metrics, but did not utilize the Private Gym program. No improvements were noted in the control group.