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The Private Gym Is Endorsed By Leading Medical Experts And Sex Therapists

Dr Samadi

"I know the medical team behind the Private Gym. The program is exceptional. I’d urge you to consider using The Private Gym today."
- Dr. Samadi
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dr Hernando Chavez

"For someone with urine leakage, a softer erection, an early ejaculator, or anyone who wants to strengthen their penis now to prevent future penis difficulties, Private Gym would be a wise investment at $100. If you ask me, as many of my clients now do, it’s an excellent long-term investment in sexual health and performance."
- Dr. Hernando Chaves, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Sexologist
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Ben Greenfield

"The Private Gym works, and it’s not a gimmick. My erections have gotten better, my orgasms have gotten stronger, I’ve dramatically increased my ability to “control” my pelvic muscles and ejaculation during sex, and apparently, although it was never an issue before, I’ve bulletproofed myself against incontinence and pelvic floor disorder."
- Ben Greenfield, Health and Fitness Expert
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"This program and resistance training equipment is a great way to maintain one’s sexual engine. I highly recommend Private Gym to any man who wants to increase his sexual confidence, functioning and pleasure."
Dr. Don Etkes, Marriage and Family Therapist and author of "Loving With Passion: Your Guide to the joy of Sexual Intimacy"
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"But if you’re the type to talk things through, consider the gift of a male ‘pelvic gym’ to really boost his sex muscles. Renowned urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel has developed a system for strengthening pelvic muscles to make erections stronger, reduce premature ejaculations and heighten orgasms called the Private Gym – it’s the first pelvic exercise program to be registered with the FDA."
- Dr. Ava Cadell
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"Overall, I'm exteremly impressed with the Private Gym program. The team behind the program did a lot of scientific research to create a system that will actually help men rebuild their pelvic muscle."
- Billy, Blogger at
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Country & Victorian Times

"After using the Private Gym system for eight weeks I feel like everything is strengthened. The testimonials from test subjects on the Private Gyms website gave truth. The Private Gyms claims are also truth."
- Michael Binders
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Walker Thornton

"So what’s the downside? None that I can see. Everything about the product and the underlying science is professional and based on solid medical knowledge. You have to be willing to commit to the exercise a couple of times a week for less than 20 minutes a day, they can be done in the privacy of your own home..."
- Walker Thornton, Sex Expert and Blogger
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Mens Health Physiology

"Bravo! At last a real program for men and their private parts! The Private Gym, established by eminent UK Physiotherapist Dr. Grace Dorey and U.S. Urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel, represents an evidence based, practical and user friendly program for male sexual health that I am already recommending to patients."
- Jo Jo Milios, Physiotherapist

Beautiful Kind

"Using the Private Gym system can replace the use of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s always good to explore natural options before popping the pills, right? This takes a bit of effort and commitment, but I think it is well worth it…Your penis deserves a shot at the Gold Medal!"
- Kendra Holliday, co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis and an Alternative Lifestyle Advisor and Gynecological Teaching Associate for Washington University School of Medicine
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Dr. Dick

"I know what you’re thinking, if I can do Kegels on my own, why do I need a program? Good question. The best answer I can come up with is it will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. I mean, isn’t that the reason we go to a gym? Surely we can work out on our own, but the support and encouragement we get from being part of and involved in a program makes the effort more rewarding"
- Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS, Clinical Sexologist
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"I know, penis weights may seem like a gimmick. But they're not, I assure you. Don't take my word for it - - here's what my 57-year-old male tester had to say..."
- Joan Price, Author, Speaker and Blogger of award winning Naked At Our Age blog
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"I recommend the Private Gym. Kegels are now a staple of my weekly routine and a welcome addition to my regimen of sexual health self care. Consider adding kegels and the Private Gym to your sexual health plan. You won’t be disappointed."
- MrBLK, Blogger
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