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The Male Pelvic Muscles: Your Allies in Fighting Mother Nature

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. November 18, 2014
your pelvic muscles are your allies in fighting Mother Nature

Humans are hardwired for survival and reproduction. By making the reproductive process pleasurable, nature’s forces attempt to ensure the greatest likelihood of reproduction. Nature also wants it to happen quickly. Any effort to delay ejaculation for longer lasting sex is fighting what nature seemingly intended.

What to Expect From Your Penis As You Age

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. November 3, 2014
keep your penis in peak performance at every age

Aging is often very unkind to male sexual function. Although erectile dysfunction is not inevitable, with each passing decade the statistics begin to work against you. By age 40 nearly 50% of men begin to experience erectile dysfunction. Pelvic muscle exercises for men can help.