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10 Tips for a Healthy, Functioning Penis

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. October 27, 2014

The penis is truly a remarkable organ. It is the only organ that we depend on to alter its shape, size, and constitution in a matter of nanoseconds.

We ask a lot of the penis, but we rarely spend any time caring for its well being. We just assume that it will continue to perform for us.

Male Pelvic Pain: What You Need To Know

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. October 20, 2014
Get help for Tension Myalgia from the Private Gym Male Pelvic Fitness Program

Are you at risk? Imagine for a moment the worst splitting headache that you have ever experienced. Envision that same intensity of pain, now located between your legs - and instead of lasting for a few hours, this excruciating pain lasts for months at a time. The pain pulsates through your pelvis, impacting your sexual, urinary, and bowel function and is so disruptive that you cannot easily go about your daily life.

Kegel Exercises for Men: An Economic Perspective

By David Mandell October 13, 2014
Kegel Exercises for Men: An Economic Perspective

Are you exercising your penis?

Before you answer, allow me to offer a common sense economic argument for why you should be. As men, we spend much of our lives in pursuit of sex. It’s actually not our fault. There’s a very dangerous and mind-altering substance coursing through our veins at all times. It’s called testosterone..

How the Private Gym Program Works For Me: My Not-So-Private Story

By Private Gym Contributor October 6, 2014
how the private gym program works for me

This is not easy to share. It’s intimate. It’s personal. It’s about my penis. Full disclosure: I consult with the Private Gym – and I assure you this is not a plug nor was I asked to do this. On the contrary, I offered. As the words left my mouth and met with positive response, I shuddered knowing just how “personal” this was going to get.